NameDaikoku Denki Co., Ltd.
FoundedDecember 1964
EstablishedJuly 1973
Stated capital674 million yen (issued stock: 14,783,900 shares)
Head Office43-5 Nagono 1-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 450-0001, Japan

Business Operations

The Company has proposed various technologies and products as a partner of “pachinko enthusiasts,” “pachinko parlors,” and “game-machine manufactures” in the company’s daily pursuit for what it can do for pachinko enthusiasts from the perspective of pachinko enthusiasts. The Company continues to grasp industry trends and the needs of pachinko fans as quickly as possible and create more exciting entertainment.


The Company provides information provision services through a membership system to pachinko parlor operators. The Company supports the operation of pachinko parlors and the development of the industry by offering information on the Industry, information on game machines, sales data by game machine type, etc.

Information System Business

The Company supports the management of companies and operation of parlors for pachinko parlor operators by offering equipment on information systems including management equipment, and parlor electronics that are necessary for operation of pachinko parlors.

Control System Business

The Company provides services for planning, development and manufacture of hardware such as display panels and control units and the planning and production of software such as videos and programs to pachinko game machine manufacturers.

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