About this Website

The pachinko industry used to be called a 30 trillion yen industry, but in recent years sales have fallen below the 20 trillion yen level. Pachinko players are decreasing year by year mainly because of the low birth rate and economic recession.

As the number of regular pachinko players increases, beginners and casual pachinko players hesitate to frequently visit pachinko parlors. Issues such as increasingly complex pachinko games, “non-transparent” operations at pachinko parlors, and relations with the local community, have been discussed so far.

The Pachinko Industry Web Reference provides information on the history and development of the pachinko industry, as well as of the current system of the pachinko industry and efforts by pachinko parlors and other industry bodies, in order to allow you to correctly understand such efforts and thereby familiarize you with pachinko. Our hope is that even more people enjoy pachinko which will lead to an increase in its popularity.