Availability of Varieties of Prizes

In the pachinko parlor, the player plays pachinko or pachislo and gets prizes for his/her winnings. Items given out as prizes are subject to specific rules. The relevant law stipulates that such items must not exceed 9,600 yen per unit/piece (not including consumption tax) when measured by market value. In addition, pachinko parlors are required to carry as many types of goods as possible that will be useful to customers in everyday life. Thus, it is necessary to offer players many choices for prizes. Pachinko parlors must be ready to provide a wide variety of items that players want.

In December 2006, the pachinko industry bodies adopted a “resolution on the availability of varieties of prizes for winning in pachinko” and agreed to make a wide variety of items available. According to the resolution, at least 500 types of items (or at least the same number of types in the case of a pachinko parlor having more than 500 pachinko/pachislo machines installed) must be made available. In addition, 200 types among them must be displayed in the pachinko parlor. Furthermore, they must include at least five of the seven categories: household products, clothing, groceries, food, cultural-amusement goods, articles for personal use, and other goods.

Nowadays, an increasing number of pachinko parlors carry chilled/frozen foods such as cake or other sweets, which used to be difficult to have in stock due to poor preservation techniques, as well as cigarettes, electrical appliances, and cosmetics. Many suburban pachinko parlors carry as many types of goods as convenience stores or small-scale supermarkets do. These pachinko parlors have achieved an increase in repeat customers. At present, however, we must admit that some pachinko parlors still do not carry a sufficient range of items.

In October 2013, the National Police Agency sent a notification “About Further Promotion of Availability of Varieties of Prizes for Winnings in Pachinko” to the pachinko industry bodies to alert such pachinko parlors. The National Police Agency is concerned that the soundness of the pachinko industry may be adversely affected by the distribution of a limited number of types of items by pachinko parlors. We would say that is why the agency provides thorough instructions on the availability of varieties of prizes.